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OCADA began as a grass roots effort in 2008 and was established as a non-profit  in
2013 with funding by a federal Drug Free Community (DFC) Grant. In 2019, a DFC Continuation
Grant was awarded to sustain coalition impact, expanding the coalition’s work into 2023.
OCADA offers school and community-based programming, events and opportunities for youth
and adults to collaborate with purpose by providing insight and information on relevant issues
facing families today.


OCADA acknowledges that no one is immune to the challenges of raising kids and keeping them safe during the challenging years into adulthood. Ultimately, OCADA aims to facilitate
positive change for the benefit of all who live in our beloved community.

• We believe working side by side is essential to effective prevention and intervention
• We promote a non-judgmental approach, parent to parent, neighbor to neighbor
• We strive to build consensus toward common beliefs, goals and prevention measures
• We invite you to join OCADA in affirming that when we decide that all kids are OUR kids, we have the power to impact systemic change

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